10 Ways a Hipster Will Ruin Your Super Bowl Party

Nothing can ruin the best day in all of the sports-long-year: Superbowl Sunday. You’ve got your food, your brew, and your best buddies. But then The Hipster takes a Converse-clad stride through your front door and starts ruining the party eight (or rather, ten) ways to Sunday.

1.  “I brought PBR!”


2.  “Did you know the Ravens were named for Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem? Here, let me read you an excerpt.”

edgar allan

3. “Man, I didn’t mean for my flannel to totally match the 49ers colors.”


4.  “Colin Kaepernick is adopted? … I’m so going to adopt.”


5.  “Do you guys have any vegan-friendly chicken wings?”


6.  “I prefer gender neutral sports.”

girl football

7.  “The Harbaugh Brothers would be a sweet name for my indie folk band.”

harbaugh brothers

8.  “Destiny’s Child was so much better than Beyonce’s solo work.”


9.  “My dip recipe is made with goat’s cheese imported from Spain, organic local tomatoes, and oregano. Oregano is totally the new cilantro.”


10.  “I can’t wait to get my film roll back to show you all the rad photos I took today.”

hipster camera