12 Office Supply Life Hacks That Make Work Kick Ass

12 Office Supply Life Hacks That Make Work Kick Ass

Ever been stuck with a bum zipper, or nowhere to store your bagel sandwich, or just nothing at all to do — only to be saved by your handy-dandy office supply drawer?! So have we. Below are just a few reasons why we can all agree — office supplies KICK ASS!!!

 1. Just something I threw together between meetings. #Whatevs

Push Pin Art


2. Tired of fitting keys onto your keyring till your fingernails bleed? No more.

Stapler Remover Key Ring Opener


3. None of your sandwich containers big enough for your fatty bagel sandwich? #Fixed

Bagel Holder


4. Stress eating at work? Give yourself some room.

Bigger Pants


5. Ever squeeze the perfect fold, just to watch it slowly unravel like an ass hole? Never again.

Binder Clip Toothpaste Holder


6. YKK can go f*** themselves.

Paper Clip Zipper


7. Are your jeans always too long because you’re twice as wide as you are tall? Not to worry.

Staple Your Hem


8. Told the wife I was “working late” — pimping my cubicle!

Post It Note Wall Art 2


9. Neighbor constantly asking to “have one” of your Jelly Bellies? Just catapult one over to him every now and then to save him the trouble — and you from accidentally killing him.

Office Supply Catapult


10. Bring your kid to work day, and he’s being a little b****? Just give him this, and he’ll be entertained for hours.

Little Man in Car


11. Boss give you one of those bullsh!t plant presents for your birthday because of how much you’ve “grown”? Put it in a bullsh!t vase that’s actually f***ing awesome.

Lightbulb Vase


12. I was sooo jealous of Susan’s blutooth — until now! #EvenBetter

Hands Free Cell Phone