12 Steps of Eating Taco Bell

12 Steps of Eating Taco Bell

We have a love/hate relationship with Taco Bell.

Taco Bell is as delicious and cheap as it is painfully diarrhetic and, well… cheap. It’s common knowledge that despite the delectable array of Mexican goodness Taco Bell is famous for, it’s even more famous for causing epic poop sessions.

The following are the 12 steps everyone experiences when deciding to dine at Taco Bell.

1. Excitement: You decide you’re gonna ‘Run for the Border.’

taco bell 1

2. Nervousness: What should I order?

tb nervousness

3. Anticipation: Waiting in the drive-thru line.

waiting in line

4. Hurried: Driving home with your grub.

driving home

5. Relief: Arrive at home with your food.

Black Front Door

6. Pure Joy: Actually eating the delicious Taco Bell-goodness! 

pure joy

7. Content: The 3 minute grace period after your last bite.


8. Worry: When your tummy starts it’s initial grumblings. 


9. Panic: You need a toilet…NOW

run to the bathroom

10. Pain & Embarrassment: Boisterous diarrhea splashes heard from blocks away.


11. Regret: Making peace with God while red-faced on the toilet.


12. Hunger: With your stomach (and entire torso) now void of all matter, you’re ready to grub again.

hungry again

How about a 4th meal?