13 Creepiest Uses of Taxidermy

The idea of taking a dead animal carcass, skinning it, stuffing it, then putting it on display is already creepy. But here’s a few instances in which taxidermy turns the creeper dial up a notch.


1. Meet my fox. He answers only to Satan.

big grill fox-taxi


2. What some girls find adorable, I find f**king horrifying.

cat with wings

3. Is this Bebop or Rocksteady? I always forget…

bee bop or rocksteady


4. This creepy fox will protect your storefront and haunt your dreams.

fox protects


5. He’s waiting patiently…to murder you.

fox waiting patiently


6. Wondering if leopards had kneecaps? here’s your answer…



7. NO. Shoo! Get the f**k outta here, you devil beast!

multi-animal animal


8. T-3: Rise of the Bambis.

robo dear


9. Weird how someone’s joy can completely terrify you, huh?



10. The grossest thing is the head and tail are from different squirrels.

squirrel head


11. Feel free to browse these rings while I eat your soul.

taxi-fox jewel


12. These two fellas are paddlin’ their way back to hell.

raccoons rowing


13. This is…well…this is actually fairly badass.

squirrel riding a snake