14 Greatest Scientific Discoveries From Pop Culture of 2012

14 Greatest Scientific Discoveries From Pop Culture of 2012

It was a banner year for science, with proof of the Higgs Boson, dropping a rover on Mars and dropping a daredevil from the atmosphere. Now those scientists with their degrees and billion dollar lab equipment might think they have all the science groupies wrapped up, but not so fast! We in pop culture made our own scientific discoveries of 2012.

Read it and weep science. Pop culture has discovered:

1. The Shortest Period of Time – A Taylor Swift relationship

taylor swift guys she dated

2. Largest Merger of Masses – Kim Kardashian’s ass with Kanye’s ego

kim ass and kanye ego

3. Fastest Growing Cultural Cancer – Honey Boo Boo


4. The Worst Space Travel Disaster  – John Carter

john carter worst

5. Fastest Item in Freefall – Facebook’s stock price

facebook stock

6. Largest Accumulation of Force – Disney’s purchased of Lucasfilm


7. Closest Humanity Has Ever Come To Robot Takeover – Mitt Romney ran for President

mitt romney robot

8. Greatest Advancement in Agriculture – Colorado and Washington legalize marijuana

colorado legalize pot

9. Biggest setback in human bioengineering – Lance Armstrong

lance armstrong

10. Worst Trend in Dentistry – Ryan Lochte makes grills cool with douchebags

ryan lochte grill

11. Biggest Change in Human Sexuality – Fifty Shades of Grey extends your Mom’s sex life many years

fifty shades of grey

12. Object With Most Inertia: Lindsay Lohan On A Bender

lindsay lohan objects

13. Cultural Preservation Award – Randy Travis returns gentrified country music to trailer park roots

randy travis

14. Tanorexia Awareness Award – Tan Mom, undoing tanning acceptance wrought by Jersey Shore.

tan mom