14 Reasons Joe Biden is a Man Child

Ladies and gentlemen, the Vice President of our country, Joe Biden, is actually a giant man child. How is that, you ask? Well, there are many reasons…

1. He eats ice cream for every meal.

Joe eats ice cream

2. He can totally do more pushups than you.

Joe does pushups

3. He promises that if you let him keep this puppy, he’ll take real good care of it.

Joe and a puppy

4. All of these are his. No sharing!

All of these are Joe's

5. He settles arguments through wrestling.

Joe wrestles

6. He wants to send this train to space.

Joe and his train

7. He hates Paul Ryan’s stupid face.

Joe stares down Ryan

8. He says the darndest things…

Joe tries to use his words

Joe continues to speak

9.  He gets sent home with lice.

Joe loses focus

 10. He’s “real scared” of you.

Joe is "real scared"

11. He used the President’s credit card to buy all these pizzas.

Joe orders pizza

12. He dreams of being Katniss from ‘Hunger Games’.

Joe and a bow

13. He’s easily excited.

Biden gets excited

14. And this…

Joe gets a squirt gun