15 News Headlines You Won’t Believe Are Real

Occasionally, local newspapers are good for hilariously worded headlines. Sometimes, they seem too good to be true. But I assure you, ALL of these are 100% real. Try not to spill your morning cup of Joe as you scroll through these 15 news headlines you won’t believe are real.


1. Ironically, he was sued for excessive stupidity. The trial is still ongoing.



2. Ah, what a brilliant idea County. Brilliant.



3. But how can it be? Being alive BEFORE you’re dead? You’re mad!



4. HTFITHR also known as ‘how the f**k is this headline real’?



5. The captain knew the raid to find puppies in the gun shop was in vain.



6. I guess the dead bodies couldn’t ruin his reputation… Considering they couldn’t say much.

murder says detective ruined reputation

7. May I suggest a meeting to fire the idiot who wrote this?


8. Legless man gives this headline a standing ovation.



9. I knew the universe was getting a little somethin’ somethin’ on the side.



10. Talk about summa CUM laude…

school girls offer something special

11. I just… I can’t…


12. Only ‘frequent sex’? Phew. Good thing I only bang occasionally.

study shows frequent sex causes pregnancy

13. They forget to say ‘constantly’…



14. Good thing I read this. I was just about to sit down for a piping hot poison casserole.


15. Who says headlines don’t give the whole story?

woman and snickers