17 Awesomely Creative Welcome Mats

A person’s welcome mat can say a lot about them. Some keep it standard and stick to the classics, while others try more creative ways to welcome guests. The following doorstep masterpieces are so awesome, they may make you forget why you’re there in the first place.

1. Thanks for vocalizing my inner checklist, welcome mat. Much appreciated.



2. Guarantee any cop would see this welcome mat as probable cause.

come back with a warrant


3. When the door jams, just hit CONTORL-ALT-DELETE.

enter key


4. Everyone in this house is painfully caucasian.

fo shizzle


5. Not if he’s pooping…

grass under my weiner


6. Hi, Mat. I’m Freezing. Let me in!

hi, i'm mat


7. You’d find this mat in front of my room at rehab.

hope you brought beer


8. Noticed this gem while visiting our neighbors, the Golddiggers.

if you're rich...


9. And I mustache YOU where you got such an awesome welcome mat?!



10. Hmm…maybe. But I bet they don’t have a better welcome mat.

neighbors have better stuff


11. Joke’s on you, mat. I’m rolling commando today!

nice underwear

12. My landlord failed to see the humor in this.

oh shit not you again


13. A great way to keep your fat friends at bay.



14. Wonder how many drunk people actually attempt to get in the house this way?

slide to unlock


15. What’s ironic is his place literally smells like ass.

sniffing butt


16. A girlfriend, you need…



17. Yeah, I read your doormat. That’s about enough douchery for one day.

social interaction