18 Mind Blowing Pools I Can’t Wait to Pee in

These are, by far, the most extravagant places you’re forbidden to take a whiz in (but would anyway). Scroll down and daydream of ‘warming the waters.’


1. Yes. A few of those bubbles are a slight shade of yellow.


Baller Pool 3x

2. Rumor has it: Pharrell pissed here once.

Baller POOL 7



3. This golf course-esque pool looks like a perfect place to whip out my “front 9” and “let it fly.”

Baller Pool 19



4. Hard not to pee when your vertigo kicks in mid-backstroke.

Baller Pool 22



5. Something tells me Peter Jackson loves draining his hobbit in these calm waters.

Baller Pool 24



6. Now I can “accidentally” sprinkle urine on that annoying neighbor who lives below me. Thanks overflow!

Baller Pool 27



7. Can’t decide whether to drain my lizard near the palm tree or down the Flintstone slide.

Baller Pool 28



8. It would take a dozen 2-liters to provide enough ammo for this massive pool.

Baller Pool 35



9. I’d like to pee here while listening to some Bon Iver.

Baller Pool 37



10. I betcha if I work up a strong enough stream, I’d be able to knock over that chopstick hut over there!

Baller Pool 38



11. For some reason I feel like I’d be on some quality ‘shrooms during this urination station.

Baller Pool 40



12. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kung Fu Panda cannonballed into this piss laced facility from out of frame.

Baller Pool 41



13. By the looks of the middle section, someone already marked their territory.

Baller Pool 44



14. This water might be clear now, but wait till I fog it up with some quality ‘lemonade.’

Baller Pool 53



15. My plan is to play it cool and stand near the lights in the pool while I empty the ol’ bladder.

Baller Pool 54



16. This pool’s water runs off directly into the ocean. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Baller Pool 56



17. Hehehe…I know what she’s doing…hehehe

Baller Pool 57



18. This one offers up such a great view, I might just air out a golden arch from the deck.

Baller Pool 62