18 Life Hacks That Help You Fail Like a Pro

Everybody loves a good life hack, but not everybody can pull one off. Want to know how NOT to turn ordinary objects into extraordinary inventions? Don’t try these at home…

When Mary went left, and George went right… the family had to excuse themselves.

Portable Baby Swing

I never have anything to do with my hands while I’m driving! #Fixed!

Manual Windshield Wipers

Who needs an all-in-one remote when you can have a tri-mote!?

Remote Control Rubber Bands

OMG why didn’t I think of that! #Brill!

Taller Latter

Your kids will be thanking you in no time! And so will their therapists!

Thumb Sucking Cure

If you’re careful not to suffocate, you could easily keep your hair dry for weeks!

WTF Shower Cap_

Drive in the carpool lane and get a big thumbs up from the cop who pulls you over!

Car Pool Lane Fixed

Finally, something to do with my old plungers!

Disgusting Coffee Table

You should see him trim the bushes…

Efficient Lawn Mow

 Criminals and employees alike will be intimidated.

Fake Camera

This scooter just got a lot “cooler”! Ohhhh!!

Fan Motorcycle Engine

Who needs a real sink, when you can have bullshit?

Make Shif Sink___

I doubt the cops will notice…

Make-Shift Head Light_Blinker

He is officially coolest guy at his community college.

Messanger Bag into Backpack

I can’t tell whether this is the best or worst thing I’ve ever seen.

car air conditioning fail

I don’t have shoelaces or string, but I do have these impossible-to-open things they use to handcuff drunk people in Vegas…

Out of Shoelaces_

Just makin’ life easier again. #Windows

PC Key Presser

I guarantee texting this reminder pic to your friend will only remind him how much he  hates you.

Pic of Friend Borrowing Something