7 Tell Tale Signs It’s ELECTION DAY!

7 Tell Tale Signs It’s ELECTION DAY!

So apparently there’s some white guy and some black guy running for king of America or something. I know it’s happening because…

1. Crazy Uncle Eddie is Yelling At the Television More Than Usual.

uncle on couch

2. Obnoxiously Useless Graphics on CNN.


3. Smelly People in Front of Wholefoods are Telling Me to Vote Yes on Marijuana.

hippies in front of whole foods

4. Crazies Warning that the End of Days is Upon Us.

5. Ann Coulter’s Calling People Retards Again.

 Picture 5

6. Rush Limbaugh‘s looking Extra Fat and Red.

rush limbaugh

7. Facebook Posts of News Articles That Defy All Sense

obama worked for hitlermitt romney rape mother

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