14 James Bond Gadgets that Didn’t Make the Cut

14 James Bond Gadgets that Didn’t Make the Cut

With the overwhelming success of SkyfallJames Bond nerds have bombarded the internet with comments and comparisons to past Bond movies. We at Hollywood Leek have a deep admiration and respect for all the cool gadgets James uses. Some are more useful than others.

Here’s a list of the WORST James Bond gadgets:

Exacto-Boulder –Think this is just a 2 ton rock? Think again.

useless bond gadget razor blade in boulder

Rolex/Crayon Sharpener – What time is it? Time to color!

useless bond gadget crayon sharpener in rolex

Pudding bombs – Deadly and yummy.

useless bond gadget pudding bomb

Bug detector detector – Never lose your bug detector again.

useless bond gadget bug detector detector

Gaydar – Know in an instant if that suspicious-looking man wants to kill you or just blow you

useless bond gadget gaydar

Day Vision Goggles – Now with the same infrared technology as night vision.

useless bond gadget day vision goggles

Fur covered piano wire – Strangling without the ugly neck mark!

useless bond gadget piano wire covered in fur

Truth serum – Basically just cough syrup with codeine.

useless bond gadget truth serum

Aston Martin Taco truck – Evade bad guys and make an extra buck along the way.

useless bond gadget aston martin taco truck

Underwater tennis raquet – Just because you never know

useless bond gadget UNDERWATER TENNIS RACKET

Bieberscope– Make the monotony of safe cracking a thing of the past with this Stethoscope that plays your favorite Bieber songs.

useless bond gadget bieberscope

Turtle launcher – Attack from long distances. Not deadly, but they’ll definitely stop what they’re doing because, flying turtles.

useless bond gadget turtle launcher

Math wiz –  Solve even the most complex numerical codes with Jin Yun Su at your side. He also fits nicely in a backpack.

Mexican mustache throwing star – self explanatory

useless bond gadget mexican mustache throwing star

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