25 Laughably Obvious Movie Rip Offs You Won’t Believe Are Real

The Asylum is a movie studio that prides itself on making 10-15 movies a year. This would be a worthy accomplishment, if any of them had an ounce of originality. We compiled a list of the 25 most laughably obvious Asylum movie rip offs. Please keep in mind, these are real…very real.

1. Both of these movies had me praying that the Mayans were right. Sadly, they were not.

movie rip offs 2012 and 2012 doomsday

2. Just because you opted to go further back in time, doesn’t mean your version will be better.

movie rip offs 10000 BC and 100 million BC

3. A terrible movie done twice! Now THAT’S ‘Merican!

movie rip offs battleship and american warship

4. I guess they felt the word “Haunting” would attract more viewers. They were wrong.

movie rip offs amityville horror and the amityville haunting

5. Apparently, a movie about the Statue of Liberty buried in snow was just too good to be done only once.

movie rip offs the day after tomorrow and 2012 ice age

6. The tag line asks you to “decide the truth for yourself.” I decide that, truthfully, this movie blows.

movie rip offs paranormal activity and paranormal entity

7. Makers of this knock-off felt the name Allan Quatermain was more badass than Indiana Jones. Idiots.

movie rip offs indiana jones and the temple of doom and allan quartermain

8. Throw as many adjectives as you want before Thor, it’s still a knockoff.

movie rip offs thor and almighty thor

9. Personally, I’d be more apt to see either of these movies if the plot was more dependent on proper bread crumb placement.

movie rip offs hansel and gretel asylum rip off

10. “They’re not Tolkien’s Hobbits…” Yeah. No shit.

movie rip offs the hobbit and age of the hobbits

11. I actually might check out this particular rip off. I mean, that wolf in the mirror on the right looks hilarious!

movie rip offs snow white and snow white and the huntsman

12. Both of these movies are fraudulent. One claims to be original. The other claims to be “laugh-out-loud funny.”

movie rip offs land of the lost and the land that time forgot about

13. Hillside Cannibals brought to you by Hollywood hucksters.

movie rip offs the hills have eyes and hillside cannibals

14. Seeing these two side-by-side has me lost in a whole “the chicken or the egg” predicament.

movie rip offs abraham lincoln vampire hunter vs zombies

15. I would talk smack about this, but Kel from Kenan & Kel is in it! If there’s even ONE reference to Orange Soda, it gets 5 Stars.

movie rip offs battle LA and battle los angeles

16. Talk about inspiration! Be on the lookout for my new independent feature, Snakes on a Scooter.

movie rip offs snakes on a plane and snakes on a train

17. It’s true what they say… C. Thomas Howell is the poor man’s Tom Hanks.

movie rip offs the davinci code and the davinci treasure

18. I Am LegendI Am Omega,…I Am Not Impressed.

movie rip offs i am legend and i am omega

19. This is supposed to be pretty good. It was done by the same guy who did Adolescent Disfigured Martial Art Shell Creatures.

movie rip offs transformers and transmorphers

20. For those who haven’t seen either: Which do you think has Jack Black? The answer might surprise you.

movie rip offs king kong and king of the lost world

21. If there’s one thing religion needs, it’s Zac Efron-esque dance sequences. Praise the Lord!

movie rip offs high school musical and sunday school musical

22. Pluralize it, they said. No one would notice, they said.

movie rip offs terminator and the terminators

23. Both of these movies seem like a battle between Dumb vs. Stupid.

movie rip offs alien vs preditor and alien vs hunter

24. I’m not sure if this is a legitimate knock off or just a porn-version.

movie rip offs pirates of the caribbean and pirate treasure island

25. This is the worst rip-off since Simon Cowell said X-Factor was nothing like Idol.

movie rip offs iron man and metal man