12 Adorable Puppies in a Food Coma

These 12 puppies have the amazing ability to make food comas look adorable.

1. Post snack face plant.

food coma 224x300

2.  Nothing says comfort like a half empty dish of IAMS pellets.

head in bowl 300x187


3.  Good thing his paw is in the food and not the water – or else that’d be a whole OTHER mess.

head on a duck and foot in a bowl 300x198


4.  I can only hope I look this adorable when I pass out after Thanksgiving.

is that a soy sauce dish  300x225


5. This tough pooch got KO’d by his lunch.

just one more bite 300x176


6. I just hope he wakes up before our Great Dane gets hungry or else it’s curtains for this little guy.

OMG puppy sleeping in kibble 300x228


7. Group snooze session. Ultimate cuteness achieved.

one head in food 300x198


8. Aww…the ol’ ‘Grub ‘n Snuggle’…

Puppy in Bowl 300x225


9. I wish I could curl up on my food while my brothers and sisters starved too.

puppy over kibble 300x197


10. All I heard was 2 bites followed by hours of adorable snoring.

rottweiler in kibble 300x214


11. Full extension food coma.

spread eagle 300x225


12. Oddly, they’re both dreaming about their next meal.

why you gots to put yo ass in da food 300x208