12 Other Things Manti Te’o Thought Were Real

News broke this week that Manti Te’o’s dead girlfriend was never actually born. Well, it turns out his fake girlfriend wasn’t the only thing Te’o thought was real, such as…

1. His Dog

invisible dog2

2. His Butter

i cant believe its not butter 300x221



3. The Wood in his Ikea desk

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4. Narnia

NarniaMap 300x226

5. Tara Reid Boobs

Tara Reid Fake boobs 143419 L1

6. Heather Mills’ Leg 

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7. A Healthy Breakfast at Denny’s

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8. Tupac at Coachella

9. His Money

monopoly money 300x226

10. Dragonballs



11. Santa Claus

christmas free wallpapers019 santa claus funny1 300x300

12. This Picture of Emma Watson

emma watson nude