13 Reasons Why ?uestlove Has the Best Life EVER

?uestlove, born Ahmir-Khalib Thompson, is, without a doubt, the coolest dude to ever pick up a pair of drumsticks. But his awesomeness stretches far beyond the drum kit. Here’s a list of the seemingly countless things that make ?uestlove’s life the BEST ever.

1. He’s an integral and founding member of The Roots.

The+Roots 300x211

This legendary hip-hop group was touted by Rolling Stone  as one of the 20 greatest live acts of all time. The Roots have not only sold millions of records and won countless awards, but they’ve also collaborated with the likes of Erykah Badu, John Legend, and Sufjan Stevens just to name a few. If that’s not completely badass, I don’t know what is.

2. ?uest has traversed the globe numerous times performing for adoring fans.

the roots live stage 680uw 300x200

They consistently sellout historic venues and music festivals all over the world.  And they’re one of the bands you stay sober enough to enjoy. Or, at least, try and stay sober. There’s pretty much no country or venue that the legendary Roots crew hasn’t rocked.

3. Landed a job (w/ The Roots) as the house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

fallon and the roots 300x300

Few things are desired more than a steady gig for a late-night network show. Hell, people would lie and screw over innocent people to get one. Just ask Jay Leno. The impressive pay and nightly national exposure that comes with a being a house band are enough to make any musician jealous. And ?uest isn’t just there to play the role of corny musical sidekick/laugh track (looking at you, Kevin Eubanks). No, ?uest is involved quite often with the show. He even has own segment entitled,  ‘?uestions’ where, in a very Jack Handy type way, he thinks of hilariously intellectual scenarios such as: “how do you throw out a trash can?”

4. Performed with (not for) President Barack Obama.

Screen shot 2010 11 15 at 9.08.26 PM 300x215

Are you kidding me? How many people can say that?! Other than Michelle? Zing!

5. During his downtime, ?uest enjoys DJing for exclusive, star-studded parties, events and clubs all over the world.

questloveliveremix 300x200

Pretty awesome way to spend your free time, if you ask me. His dope mixes and range of genres is responsible for a plethora of drunken mistakes.

6. ?uest is the owner of the most iconic afro of all time.

83 atxl1

As a pale Irishman, I covet the unattainable, picked-out stylings that rests atop the genius that is  ?uestlove’s dome.

7. Was on the Chappelle Show.

tumblr lkyp28IGlL1qd0ltso1 500

Need I say more? It takes talent to keep it together while comedy legend, Dave Chappelle, Harlem-shakes in your face.

8. Was an associate producer on a Broadway play, Fela! 


Yeah, because it’s not like he’s got a full plate already or anything… His mere involvement with the project inspired the bottomless pockets of Jay-Z, Will & Jada Smith to also get involved with the play.

9. He was awarded an Esky for Best Scribe in Esquire magazine’s 2006 Esky Music Awards.

logo 300x97

?uestlove REFUSES to be lame! Is there anything this guy can’t do?!

10. Rolling Stone named ?uestlove #2 in the 50 Top Tweeters in Music.

quest twitter 300x133

Now that’s #impressive

11. Took notorious psycho-bitch, Michelle Bachman, down a peg on national television.

?uest and The Roots heroically played a snippet of Fishbone’s “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” as the intro music for the politician when she appeared on Late Night. You gotta respect that.

12. Worked with Nike to design his own shoes.

questlove nike dunk high sneakers 05 300x235questlove nike air force 1 1world 4 300x199

He helped design personalized Air Force Ones and created a custom pair of sneakers known as, Nike Questos. Ah, yes, the Nike Questos: They’ll make you drum higher.

13. Lastly, the dude spells his name with a goddamn punctuation mark!!!

uestlove wallpaper by gkgfx d3f6s13 300x187

How f**king cool is that?! P!nk and Ke$ha should quit life.