14 Reasons Joe Biden is a Man Child

Ladies and gentlemen, the Vice President of our country, Joe Biden, is actually a giant man child. How is that, you ask? Well, there are many reasons…

1. He eats ice cream for every meal.

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2. He can totally do more pushups than you.

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3. He promises that if you let him keep this puppy, he’ll take real good care of it.

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4. All of these are his. No sharing!

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5. He settles arguments through wrestling.

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6. He wants to send this train to space.

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7. He hates Paul Ryan’s stupid face.

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8. He says the darndest things…

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9.  He gets sent home with lice.

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 10. He’s “real scared” of you.

joe biden

11. He used the President’s credit card to buy all these pizzas.


12. He dreams of being Katniss from ‘Hunger Games’.

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13. He’s easily excited.

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14. And this…

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