22 of the Hottest Athlete WAGs

Professional athletes are lucky. They get paid boat loads of money to play games. Oh, and they also get to canoodle with incredibly hot women. Here are some of the hottest athlete wives and girlfriends around.

1. Melissa Molinaro – Reggie Bush

2. Megan Rossee – Michael Phelps

3. Lisalla Montenegro – CJ Wilson

Lisalla Montenegro CJ Wilson4 267x300

4. Larisa Fraser – Ryan Braun

Larisa Fraser Ryan Braun2 300x225

5. Lauren Tannehill – Ryan Tannehill

Lauren Tannehill Ryan Tannehill1

6. Lacy Minchew – Matt Flynn

Lacy Minchew Matt Flynn

7. Kelsi Reich – David Nelson

kelsi reich David Nelson

8. Katherine Webb – AJ McCarron

Katherine Webb Al McCarron1

9. Jessica Burciaga – Lance Moore

Jessica Burciaga Lance Moore 300x300

10. Jelena Ristic – Novak Djokovic

Jelena Ristic Novak Djokovic

11. Jaime Edmondson – Evan Longoria

Jaime Edmondson Evan Longoria

12. Irina Shayk – Cristiano Ronaldo

Irina Shayk  Cristiano Ronaldo

13. Hannah Davis – Derek Jeter

Hannah Davis Derek Jeter

14. Gisele Bundchen – Tom Brady

Gisele Bundchen Tom Brady 1024x708

15. Gabrielle Union – Dwayne Wade

Gabrielle Union Dwayne Wade

16. Erin Heatherton – Jordan Cameron

Erin Heatherton Jordan Cameron 760x1024

17. Ciara Price – Tyler Seguin

936full ciara price

18. Candice Crawford – Tony Romo

Candice Crawford Tony Romo

19. Brooklyn Decker – Andy Roddick

Brooklyn Decker Andy Roddick 1024x768

20. Bibi Jones – Rob Gronkowski

Bibi Jones Rob Gronkowski 682x1024

21. Anna Burns – Wes Welker

Anna Burns Wes Welker

22. Bar Refaeli – Shaun White

Bar Refaeli Shaun White

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