Delicious Foods of EPIC Proportions (14 Pics)

To hell with your serving size! These enormously giant foods have the ability to make any nutritionist quit life.

1. You’re probably going to need some MASTERlox to enjoy this huge bagel.

01 wd0909 Bagel 2


2. Wonder if this enchilada will be as long as the line to the bathroom afterward?


3. Way to avoid a stereotype, Jackie Chan.

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4. Crazy how many people it takes to prepare Adele’s nightly pizza.

big food 31


5. I prefer my ice cream served to me on a rake too.

big food helmet 5


6. Easily the longest wiener these Asian businessmen have seen.

big food helmet 8


7. I see a giant burger. Kirstie Alley sees the best mattress ever.

black bear guinness burger eater


8. Congratulations on your enormous, edible Italian meat testicle.


9. Not sure what’s more enticing: Sauce tossed in from a plastic bucket or 4 sweaty calves marinating in my pasta.

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10. They might work for BIMBO, but these sandwich builders are GENIUS.

largest sandwich


11. Snap, crackle and pop are the sounds you’ll hear as your jaw unhinges to enjoy this treat.

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12. No matter the size, I’m still gonna be hungry again in twenty minutes.

tumblr lltbqxl03t1qzo29ro1 500


13. Don’t worry. There’s enough to break off for everybody.

tumblr lvr298Defg1qkavn8o1 500


14. Unfortunately, the stripper inside died of Diabetes.

world record foods3

15. And they lived happily ever after…

tumblr m0fn276BMP1r0c04co1 250

16. It all depends on your size too…

gecko licking cheerio