Morning Cup of Awesome (17 Pics)

TGIF! Start it out right with some Morning Cup of Awesome!

1. Brotherly love, playing with… swords.

sword fight in legs

2. Ermergerd a ball!

Baseball Catch Face

3. It’s okay buddy, we feel ya…

Dept of Labor

4. Reason Dogs are the Best #241:

Doggy Lips

5. I’d be just as freakin’ scared by this toothy ass…

Donkey Boy

6. They called it the “I make more money that you” boat…

Fat Fuel

7. You had ONE job dang it! ONE!

floor pattern fail you had ONE job

8. Side note: His manliness is never challenged…

Giant Mustache

9. The JesuPoop!


10. No joke, this is a bathroom station in space…

Intntl Space Station Urinal

11. The forever bad ass, Mr. Lipton…

james lipton beard removal

12. Something soothingly awesome about this…

Joy of Not Being Sold Anything

13. Brings a whole new meaning to “saving your ass”…

Need a Crap

14. The apple Snow White was offered…

Penis Apple

15. Irony’s a bitch…

School of Safe Driving

16. That’s what you get for yelling at a skateboard…

skateboard fail

17. And a good day to your sir….

Soccer Kick in the Balls