Parenting FAILS: You Know You’re a Bad Parent When…

It’s been said that parents are the super-heros of the world. Well whoever said this has clearly never met these people. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the world’s greatest role models – for what NOT to do.

1. This is how you change a light bulb.

Air Matress 1

2. This was your safer alternative.

3.  Your baby would rather eat a live snake than the crap food you feed it.

Baby Eating Snake 11

4. Your baby knows how to nurse you back to normal.

Baby Feeding Dad Beer 11

5. This is how your baby comes down from a sugar rush.

Baby Smoking a Cigarette 1

6. When you treat your baby like a JanSport.

Baby Squished on Subway 1

7. This is the most fun you’ve had with your kid.

Baby Taped to Wall 1

8. You do this.

9. She’s oh too familiar with the loving embrace of your ass.

10. You like to live dangerously… through your baby.

Electric Fence Baby 1

11. When you give your eldest daughter nipple tassels for her birthday.

Family Photo Tassels

12. Your kid’s mullet isn’t the problem with this picture.

Father Feeds Kid Beer 1

13. You can’t tell your baby and a bag of chips apart.

Kid Jammed Under Food in Cart 1

14. This is your idea of a family pet.

Kid with Tiger 1

15. This is how your kids play house.

Kids on the Beach with Beers 1

16. This is part of his balanced diet.

Little Boy Chugs Beer

17. This is a normal trip to Costco.

Little Girl Dragged by Motor Chair 1

18. This is a fun day at the game.

Mom Flashing in Front of Son 1

19. Texting is more important than first meeting your new born child.

Mom Prefers Texting to Own Child 1