GIFs That Remind Us How Much We Love Chris Tucker

How random was Chris Tucker’s cameo in Silver Linings Playbook? It had me reminiscing over the glory days of Tucker’s career. You know, those days of Friday, Rush Hour, and my personal favorite, The Fifth Element. Despite the rumors that the man is difficult to work with, Chris Tucker is DAYUUUUUUUM funny. And in case you were worried, Rush Hour 4 is already rumored to be in pre-production. Now, let me take you back in time on a journey of over-the-top gestures and endlessly foul language.





you got knocked the fuck out


i dont give a fuck1


chris tucker smoking 2

chris tucker smoking


dancing in the car bw1


crazy ass bitch1


dont ever touch a black mans radio


can you do that to the beach boys1

thank you god part 11 thank you god part 21


yall look the same part 11yall look the same part 21


im blackanese1


i aint calming down no more1




the word of the day1


Rudy oooooh1




michael dance1


dancing in car new1