9 Hotties of Yester Year

The older ladies of our silver screens weren’t always the loveable grandmothers or feisty octogenarians as we know them today. Years ago, these ladies were just girls like us – only smokin’ hot.

1. Maggie Smith – I’m staying after school for this Professor McGonogall.

Maggie Smith Young Old-1

 2. Diane Keaton – The mother of the bride is hotter than the bride.

Diane Keaton Old Young

 3. Helen Mirren – I’d like this Calendar Girl posing every month of the year.

Helen Mirren Young Old

4. Judy Dench – M could have been a bond girl.

Judi Dench Young Old

5. Jessica Walter – Sleeping with my twin or not, I’m climbing into that bath.

Jessica Walter Young Old

6. Jane Fonda – I’ll take 100 workout videos for one day at the beach with her.

Jane Fonda Young Old

7. Raquel Welch – Apparently Ms. Welch isn’t familiar with the concept of aging.

Raquel Welch Young Old

8. Cloris Leachman – This hottie is raising other things than Hope…

Cloris Leachman Young Old

9. Betty White – The coolest lady in showbiz just got super hot.

Young and Old Betty White