Super Bowl GIFs That Would Make Vince Lombardi Proud

The day is finally here.  No, it’s not Valentine’s Day, don’t worry you didn’t miss it. It’s Super Bowl Sunday! And what better way to feed your fanhood than with some quality Super Bowl GIFs that would make Vince Lombardi proud.

1. And they said all those pedicures were pointless…

50680 o

2. Every boy dreams of scoring a Super Bowl butt-down.


3. Don Beebe: WIN. Leon Lett: FAIL.

beebe vs lett o

4. John Elway IS…’The Human Helicopter’


5. If there’s anything the ‘Super Bowl Shuffle’ taught us,  it’s that choreography is everything.

1764206 o

6. Lynn Swann: proof that the higher we jump, the harder we fall…


7. STILL regrets that preseason arm-shortening surgery.


8. Jack Lambert supports his team, what about you?…


9. More impressive? Eli’s random act of escapery or Tyree’s epic helmet grab?

1108679 o

10. We can only hope to see such ‘malfunctions’ during Beyoncé’s halftime perfomance.

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