Friendly Neighborhood WTF Dump

Time for that always refreshing WTF DUMP!

Rejoice, party people! We got a whole dump truck full of WTF for ya on this glorious Friday. The work week is over and you’ve probably been too busy putting in hours of quality labor to even enjoy this week’s funniest pictures on the Internet. Well, that’s why we’re here – to make sure you’re not caught with your pants down when your peers are discussing current comedic bits from the Interwebs.

No more exasperated coworkers staring at you in shock because you haven’t seen that latest Grumpy Cat Memes or Surprised Patrick series. That’s right! The days of feeling out of the internet comedy loop are a thing of the past, my friend. With the WTF DUMP, you’re able to catch up on all the goings on that you’ve missed during the week. We got your back, bro.

We’ve devoured all the hilarious nonsense from the around the web this week, digested it and pooped out a great batch for you loyal fans of funny! So, flip off your boss (when he’s not looking), scroll down and get ready to laugh your tits off! It’s time for this week’s WTF Dump!

1. Bacon taco?! Take that Doritos!


2. When twerking goes wrong.


3. Marshmallow witch being burned on Graham Cracker mountain.

WTF 12

4. Estupido Flánders!

WTF 51

5. The reality of shaving & not shaving.


6. The fish in Dub Step creek are straight up funky!


7. Ah, the old Post-It on the bottom of the mouse prank. Classic.


8. An adorable real-life Puss in Boots.


9. Incredibly trippy.

WTF 3 last

10. Rural sloths.

WTF 10

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