23 Adorable Animals Making Out

Though I never did well in Biology class, I did learn a couple things about life. People love animals. People love making out. Ergo, people love animals making out.


1. Yeah…that’s it…really get in those lip wrinkles…

bulldog kiss


2. Cutest Easter ever!



3. They’re definitely going to need a cigarette after this.

camel kiss


4. Wait. That’s not her man! Once a cheetah, always a cheetah.



5. CPR or French Kissing?

cpr or makeout


6. Sneaking a snout smooch.

cute kiss


7. Bambi: The College Years.

deer on deer


8. Spot humps the TV anytime a GEICO commercial comes on.

dog on lizzy action


9. Surf & Turf love.

cat on dolphin


10. An elephant NEVER forgets…to use a little tongue.

elephant love

11.  It’s a scientific fact: the smaller the animal, the cuter the kissing.

forced kiss mini animals


12. How’s about we move this action back to my lily pad?

frogs closed make out


 13.  First date pictures are always the cutest.

horsey smooch


14. Who needs a ball of yarn when you’re in love?

kat face grab

15. Monkey makeout session.

monkey face grab


16. Who doesn’t think this is adorable? Who? WHO?

owl is SUPER into on this one


17. Bitches love him.



18. Couple of chubby-chasers.



19. Some quality puppy love right here…

puppy kiss


20. They might be flying rats, but they need love too.



21. Enjoying a day at the beach with her soulmate.

seal smooch


22. He only kept his eyes open to see if she was into it.

squirrel smooch


23. Their bigot parents are still not cool with them dating out of their species.

squirrel on cat poss FEATURED