30 Home Theaters That’ll Make You Instantly Jealous

Show me a person who says they’ve NEVER dreamt of having their own home theater and I’ll show you a liar! theLEEK has assembled a list of the 30 most amazing home theaters around. Get ready to be jealous…

1. This intricate theater has me wishing I had rich friends.



2. I’d love to spend a Dark Night in here with some quality Blu-rays.

batman theater 2


3. This sleek display has my empty pockets screaming with jealously.



4. Not sure why, but something tells me the owner of this masterpiece is very strict about spilled popcorn.

classic with maroon curtain


5. This theater can make even Katherine Heigl watchable.



6. Try NOT to get a handy in this quality home setup.

comfiest seating ever


7. I wouldn’t be surprised if this home theater was located in one of The Donald’s bathrooms. Classy.

comfy with ship


8. This cool, calm home theater is sweet. Just be sure to avoid the person’s feet behind you as they dangle over your shoulder during Harold & Kumar.

cool calm collected


9. Tension is not allowed in this starry roofed setup.



10. This has me wanting some Saki and a Tarrantino movie.



11. This cozy theater has your mind relaxed & ready to enjoy some cinematic bloodshed.

game of thrones


12. Step 1: get every gaming system imaginable. Step 2: Find a friend.

games on games on games


13. What’s ironic is the owner has never watched King Kong on this display. Smart move.



14. I wonder if they stage their own plays here too.

grand with circle in mid of ceiling


15. Something tells me Michael Bay has jacked off in here.

gray silver motif future


16. Only problem with this room is they play Love Guru on repeat.

homey feel to it


17. I know we’re supposed to watch a movie, but I can’t stop looking at that detailed ceiling.

leather with dope cieling


18. Now I can sit back and relax in elegance as Kate Winslet whips out those turn of the century titties.

marble on walls titantic

19. This cool homage to early film making will leave you speechless.

multi-seated, classic look


20. This is…this is just as BALLER as you can get. Case closed.

outdoor pool viewing


21. I wonder if the owner of this theater is sick of the Pirates decor yet.

pirates of the carribean


23. Hey, can you turn it up? Just kidding.



24. Not one bad seat in the house.

real spacious theater


25. My mind has just exploded with jealous rage.

semi outdoor sleek


26. Enjoy your movie, nerds.

star trek


27. Want to watch Avatar?  No. Want to watch Avatar while enjoying a beverage at the swim up bar? When should I come over?

swim up to the movies


28. This crazy setup has me going FULL RETARD with excitement!

tropic thunder


29. A quaint but luxurious Ted Nugent-y setup .

woodland theme


30. This cozy green home theater has me envious of whatever spoiled brat gets to enjoy this on a regular basis.

aqua green setup