5 Badass Presidential Performances That’ll Make You Proud to be ‘Merican

5 Badass Presidential Performances That’ll Make You Proud to be ‘Merican

Usually, politicians aren’t the most exciting characters in film or TV. They take meetings. They campaign. They cheat on their wives. But rarely do they get to kick some ass and take some names. Well that all changes with these fictional presidents that’ll make you proud to be living in the ol’ U S of A.

1. President James Marshall- Air Force One


This one’s a no brainer. Harrison Ford plays President James Marshall and he kicks ass in the freakin’ sky. Gary Oldman leads a group of Kazakh ultranationalists who hijack the President’s plane in an attempt to free their captured comrade. Silly Kazakh ultranationalists. When will they learn? President Han Solo doesn’t want you on his plane.

2. President David Palmer- 24


Forget about Jack Bauer. President David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) is the real resident badass of this show. First of all, dude is built like a linebacker but he’s got a law degree. Plus, he’s been through it all: multiple assassination attempts, a coup d’état, the rape of his daughter, a crazy ex-wife. Oh and this all happened in a span of 5 days. 5 DAYS. Think about that. That’s one work week.

If that wasn’t enough, he did it all under the added pressure of being the first black president ever. Basically, Palmer is Obama if Obama sucked down an industrial-sized vat of super soldier serum and was buddies with Kiefer Sutherland.

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