10 Reasons Mr. Rogers Was a Creeper

Everyone hails Mr. Rogers as a benevolent educator, teaching children to stay unique and curious. But take a closer look at your childhood, and you’ll discover ten reasons Mr. Rogers was actually a real creep…

1. He got undressed in front of us.

Mr. Rogers' Shoes

2. He was an old man who talked to “make believe” friends.

Mr. Rogers' Puppet

3. And played with a train set.

Mr. Rogers' Trolley

4. He was a little too curious.

Mr. Rogers and Gorilla

5. He had a friend named Mr. McFeely.

Mr. McFeely

6. He was always grinning like an idiot.

Mr. Rogers Smiles

7. Unless he was making this face.

Mr. Rogers Crazy

8. What the hell were under those long sleeves, anyway?

Mr. Rogers tat

9. He told us that we were all special and unique…and made us all into narcissistic little assholes.

10. This video: