6 Gross Foreign Delicacies

People love traveling to exotic lands just to fully immerse themselves in the culture. That means, amongst other things, they eat what the natives eat. However, if I was offered any of these 6 gross foreign delicacies, I would hop on the first flight back home!

1. Mongolian Boodog (East Asia)

mongolian boodog

The Mongolians do NOT mess around when it comes to cooking. They ingeniously figured a way to cook this indigenous beast from the inside out. What’s Mongolian for, “Sorry, I already ate” ?

2. Soft-Boiled Fetal Duck (China)

soft boiled duck fetus

This is just too gnarly. They allow this fertilized egg to grow a couple weeks before they consider this gross delicacy ready. Then, what’s even more nauseating, they suggest you slurp out the small bones, feathers, beak and all. Uh, no thanks. I’ll stick to my egg McMuffin.

3. Jellied Moose Nose (Alaska)


This disgusting Alaskan favorite is fairly self-descriptive with it’s name. Jellied is actually how this dish is prepared, it’s not just some spread put on after cooking. Not that that makes it any better…Poor Bullwinkle.

4. Bat Paste (Thailand)


This terrifying soupy concoction is enough to make a Vampire gag. It’s really just what it looks like. You snag a flying hell beast and throw it in a soup. “Mmm…I’ll have that!” said no one ever.

5. Baby Mice Wine (China)


Wow. This is as cruel as it is disgusting. They make this “health tonic” by throwing live baby mice into a bottle full of rice wine. That way you can watch defenseless creatures frantically fight off impending death as you prepare your dinner. Win, win if you ask me…

6. Kopi Luwak (Indonesia)


We all love coffee. And we’re constantly in search of the richest, most flavorful beans. Look no further. You’re looking at the rarest, most expensive coffee in the world! What makes it so pricey? Because they picked it out of cat sh*t that’s why! Personally, I think I’m gonna stick to tea.