8 Movie Props that Should Have Been Invented By Now

8 Movie Props that Should Have Been Invented By Now

Let’s be honest, movies have always come up with the coolest stuff that makes reality seem dull and unfulfilling. Well, we’ve waited long enough! Here are 8 cinematic items that could have totally been on everyone’s Christmas list if science would just hurry the hell up already.

1.) Lightsabers from Star Wars


These bad boys have been the object of affection for almost every Star Wars fanboy, laser enthusiast, and aspiring Jedi since the 70s. Setting aside the potential safety hazards, lightsabers would have a ton of practical uses for everyday tasks. Never mind protecting your property from thieves and hooligans, they would also help you cut firewood, unclog the toilet, and perfect your ice sculptures of Carrie Fisher. Seriously, who in their right mind wouldn’t buy a lightsaber?

2.) The Hover Board from Back to the Future: Part II

movie inventions featured

If engineers can make a car that turns into a boat, then they can find a way to manufacture a children’s recreational transportation vehicle that levitates. Eventually, riding a normal skateboard just won’t cut it. Why waste away your wheels when you can just avoid that pesky ground all-together!? And for all you skeptics out there, levitation isn’t that hard. If David Blaine can figure it out, then it’ll be a cakewalk for our friends at Mattel.

3.) The Neuralyzer from Men In Black


We all remember this nifty little device that erases the memory of pretty much anyone who becomes privy to extraterrestrial activity on Earth. In real life, neurologists have begun to develop a treatment that basically emulates that process to help patients forget traumatic events. That’s all well and good, but society needs a convenient pocket-size neuralyzer like the one Tommy Lee Jones gave Will Smith in Men In Black. We deserve it to repress embarrassing moments, Justin Bieber songs, and (heaven forbid) if our parents ever browse our internet history.

4.) Dog Translation Collar from UP!

dog translator

Dogs have always been “man’s best friend.” But it’s hard for man to return the favor when he can’t even understand the hopes and dreams of his dog. With the dog translation collar, we can give back to our furry friends. Think of what we would learn from them: how much they enjoy being petted, how badly they want to eat that turkey sub of yours, how often squirrels enter your yard. The dog translation collar will provide a never-ending tapestry of invaluable information. Not for cats, though… cats would be too snarky.


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