90’s Commercials That Defined Your Childhood (16 Videos)

The 90’s was the last great decade for film, music, TV and let’s not forget, commercials. These 30-second gems were not afraid to be offensively corny. They included addictive jingles and almost always played to the lowest common denominator. I don’t know about you, but my childhood would not have been complete without some of these marketing beauties. I give you, the greatest commercials of the 90’s…

1. Fruit Stripe Gum

For whatever reason, I feel like Peter Gabriel should be in this commercial.

2. Gator Golf

There is nothing wrong with a gator who sh*ts balls back at you. Don’t worry, he loves eating those sh*tty balls, too.

3. Surge Soda

SURGE! When you have that uncontrollable urge to jump over sofas in the middle of a street.

4. Mr. Bucket

All I wanted to do is give you your stupid balls back, you asshole.

5. Don’t Wake Daddy

Sneaking into the kitchen? And here I was, worried about sneaking out of the house to partake in late night debaucheries.

6. Socker Boppers

Making domestic abuse acceptable for over 15 years.

7. Sears Air Conditioning

How badly did you want to call Sears for her so she would stop bitching?

8. 10 10 321

Nothing sells me on a new service quite like repetition and John Lithgow.

9. Creepy Crawlers

Guaranteed to provide your pets with endless entertainment. Unless they eat them. Then it’s no fun for anyone, trust me.

10. Mouse Trap

Holy sh*t! That’s Matthew Lawrence!

11. Drug PSA

I don’t think Michelangelo got the memo.

12. Perfection

WARNING: may give your grandparents a f*cking heart attack.

13. Power Wheels Jeep

I got my permit at 15 and my license at 16, but I’ve had road rage since I was 3.

14. Ring Pops

Sorry babe, I couldn’t buy you a real diamond ring, but this one is still made out of crystals. Well, sugar crystals.

15. Cookie Crisp

The 21st  century health nuts are rolling over in their organic hemp beds right now.

16. Log

Hell to the yes.