Caturday: 15 Reason Why Cats Are Like Humans

Since the dawn of man, cats have made wonderful pets. But perhaps they are more like their human owners than we think.

1. They drink, watch TV, and itch their crotches.

Cats as Humans Watching TV and Drinking Beer

2. They go trick or treating!

Cats as Humans Trick or Treating

3. They keep up with the news!

Cats as Humans Reading the News Paper

4. They know how to scratch some serious beats.

Cats as Humans Practicing DJing

5. They avoid doing actual work.

Cats as Humans Playing Solitaire

6. They think highly of themselves!

Cats as Humans Overestimating Self Image

7. They can’t fit into their overalls.

Cats as Humans Over Eating

8. They can’t function without coffee.

Cats as Humans Nursing Their Coffee

9. They help their children get things.

Cats as Humans Getting Things For Their Kids

10. They appreciate the finer things in life.

Cats as Humans Eating Sushi

11. They’re responsible drivers.

Cats as Humans Driving

12. They don’t take school so seriously.

Cats as Humans Craming for Tests

13. They help around the house.

Cats as Humans Changing the Light Bulb

14. They throw really fun 4th of July parties.

Cats as Humans Barbequeing


15. They have a bucket list…. 9 of them.

Cats as Humans Sky Diving