Drinking Game Friday: Paper Football Super Bowl

Drinking Game Friday: Paper Football Super Bowl

Happy Super Bowl weekend, football fans!  I know you’re all pumped for the big game! Why not add a little fun to your day of boozing with this brilliant game that combines all the fun of drinking with the classic joy of paper football. That’s right, party people. It’s time to dust off your paper sliding skills and crack open a fresh brew, because this is the Super Bowl!


– A table

– Some paper

– As much beer as you can handle

First and foremost, you have to assemble a paper football for the gridiron festivities. The video below offers up a quick tutorial for those not versed in the proper paper football folding technique.

*If you like, feel free to use tape to reinforce your football when done folding.

Now, let’s get into the rules…


1. This is a 1 on 1 match up. Each player takes their position at different ends of the table across from one another.


2. Each player must have beer in hand throughout the entire game. (Trust me, you’re gonna need brew close by at all times.)


3. Each player has 4 Downs (tries) to score on their opponent. A Down consists of the player placing the ball close to their edge of the table and then, with their fingers, in one fluid motion, slide it to the opponent’s edge of the table in hopes of scoring. If you don’t score, place the ball on your edge of the table and try again until all 4 Downs are used.

how to play paper football

*A score is when a player successfully slides the ball and it stops on the ledge of their opponent’s side of the table. The score counts if any amount of the ball hangs over the side without toppling over.


4. When the ball is slid, if it flies off the end of the table and your opponent catches it before it hits the ground, that counts as an “interception”. This means they now have possession of the ball, your 4 Downs are up and you must drink the remainder of your beer in frustrated disappointment.

However, if they attempt to intercept it, but fail to do so – it’s counted as a “fumble.”

When a fumble occurs, both sides have to consume a healthy chug of brew, but you do NOT lose possession like you would with an interception. Retrieve the ball from your opponent and continue trying to score until your 4 Downs are up.

5. If a player slides the ball and successfully scores, the opponent must chug an entire beer.


Then an extra point must be kicked…

6. For an extra point, the person who was scored on must fashion goal posts out of their fingers for the victorious person to kick through. See the image below for an example.


An extra point is “kicked” by balancing the ball on it’s tip and flicking it across the table and (hopefully) through the goal posts. Like so…


* if the extra point is made … the TD counts and your opponent drinks again.

* if the extra point is missed … the TD does not count for your score and you must drink heavily for your lack of accuracy.

7. The first to score 5 TDs (extra points and all) wins the game and is crowned Paper Football Super Bowl Champion!


This beer influenced take on a classic game is sure to make your Super Bowl Sunday one for the ages! . . .if you can remember it the next day…

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