Elmo Retires to Florida

Elmo Retires to Florida

Amongst underage sex allegations, Elmo has decided to retire from Sesame Street. After an amazing 30-year stint on the iconic children’s show, the fuzzy red phenomenon has decided to call it quits.

“Elmo sad he has to leave, but Elmo understand. Elmo had great run on Sesame Street. Made lots of friends here,” a remorseful Elmo replied when reached for comment.

The felt-based pedophile has taken a lot of hits recently, as more sex scandals begin to make their way to the forefront.

“Elmo’s lawyers told Elmo not to comment on sex scandal. All Elmo can say is, ‘Elmo Sorry’,” uttered the chagrin puppet. “Elmo’s going through a lot of stuff right now.”

Now living on an avenue in Tampa Bay, Florida, Elmo was last seen walking the streets to inform his neighbors of his sex offender status, in accordance with Megan’s Law.

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