Funny Street Art that will Stop you in your Tracks (17 Pics)

We’ve all walked down a city street and been impressed by the sudden appearance of a cleverly arranged piece of street art. Though it often deals with political & social commentary, theLEEK was able to find some of the funniest pieces of street art from all over the globe.


How do you improve a classic? Add Bill Murray, that’s how!

bill murray cafe

It’s depressing how kids today just think this is a Life of Pi ad campaign. Damn, internet.

calvin and hobbes


Playing Tetris on this thing requires all limbs and no friends.

game boy


Keep coughing up smoke, that’s fine. It’s when this gutter mouth starts hocking up brown “phlem” that it becomes an issue.

gutter smoking cigs


So wholesome, it makes me sad to know that drunk hobos probably pee on her all the time.

little kid with baby shrub fro


All that little mushroom found down that green tube was used condoms & cigarette butts. Sorry, little fella. mario brought to life


He keeps the streets clean and streak-free.

mr. clean


Good. Now that you’ve done your homework, take out the f**king garbage, Dwayne! I’m not gonna ask again!



I find this artistic display of laziness oddly intriguing. narnia


My grandpa’s normally an asshole. Now he’s just a dickhead.old man cone


These four little gentleman are politely peeping in on their owner’s skin-a-max channel.

satellit art


I know it says use a scissor, but I think I’ll be okay using my teeth on this one. scissor street lines


Mmm…just how I like ’em. All naturalshrub pubes


It was the day his teacher announced the ‘rib cage’ project, that Gary decided art school was pointless. He’s regretted it ever since.skeleton rib


How could something be so cool and so dorky at the same time?spiderman sidewalk illusion


On the other side of the train it reads, “…And the Internet Plays With Your Balls”

tv fucks

Dentists say you should brush after every meal, or in this case, anytime the rancid odor of a city’s collective dumpings emit from your mouth.

yellow gutter toothpaste