Meanwhile In… Tijuana

Meanwhile In… Tijuana

Oh, Tijuana…

What is it about Tijuana that makes American travelers so…nervous? Oh, I don’t know. Could it be the constant news stories about cartels gutting tourists and using them as fleshy duffle bags for drugs? Or is it due to the total lack of government and excess of donkey shows? Who knows? Regardless of it’s negative stigma amongst, well, everyone, there’s still a healthy amount of idiots choosing to visit Tijuana.

If you’re one of those brave, thrill seekers planning your annual trip across the border or if you’re content not risking your life for cheaper gum – you might be interested in seeing what’s going on meanwhile in… Tijuana.

1. Play along with your favorite Telemundo hits!

TJ 1 tijuana

2. Chu don’t want none of this, ese!

TJ 2

3. Gracias for pumping my ass, señor.

TJ 3

4. Eh, it’s a living, amigo.

TJ 4

5. People go to great lengths to GTFO of TJ.

TJ 5

6. I’d like a Seis piece.

TJ 6

7. The Mayor celebrating another Tuesday.

TJ 7

8. Every establishment is required to have handicap stairs by law.

TJ 8

9. Is he supposed to look tough or scared?

TJ 9

10. Nice asses.

TJ 10