Morning Cup of Awesome (15 Pics)

Today’s Morning Cup of Awesome is brought to you by… well… Awesome.

1. Good ol Irish…

mcoa featured irish flu shot


2. Men. The simple life…

what do men wear


3. Cleaning with Terror. Scare the dirt out of your clothes…

terror detergent


4. I’d still miss…

glow in the dark toilet


5. Neti-pot bad ass….

neti pot


6. Winner of best train ever award….

awesome train


7. The kid knows how to get answers…

cat choke hold


8. And the world’s smallest penis…

wide jeep


9. That’s a real cool cat…

cat high 5


10. Bambi, what’d we tell you about the road?

google maps deer


11. The rolly polly cat returns!

cat scurries away


12. F**king around is not something they do in Russia…

russian woman kills wolf


13. That poor watermelon…

watermelon eating contest


14. Weeeeeeeeeee!

car slides on ice


15. Find me this bar, stat!

awesome bar sign