Morning Cup of Awesome (16 Pics)

Good morning world! Most of you have off-work today for MLK so GO YOU!

1. Sounds about right…

wasted and broke noodles


2. I knew it was too quiet in the house…

dog head in ball


3. That’s one hell of a race…

hardest race ever


4. Baby giraffes win the cute award today…

baby giraffe


5. And maybe this lizard too…

lizard plays ipod


6. This church: 1 / Guy that robbed them: 0 (for eternity) …

baptist church sign ac stolen


7.  Wait, can there be another cute award today??

kitten toilet jump fail


8. Aw come on man! It’s MLK day!

how to be black


9. Gooooood dog…

dog treats stacked up


10. You know it’s going to be a good day when you see this on your way to work…

real life bat mobile


11. Friends, always there when you need them…

swing fail


12. That’s how to own being bald!

hair tattoo on bald spot


13. Damnit Jimmy! I said Dubstep! Not DubSHEEP!

sheep on sheep


14. Thought you had a guard dog, eh?

godzilla toy scares dog


15. Long live the king!

bungee jump lion king


16. Darling… I think you’re shotgunning that beer wrong…

shotgun beer fail