Morning Cup of Awesome (18 Pics)

The sun rises and your Morning Cup of Awesome is steamy and ready.

1. Fooled me…

rock turn me over


2. You’re allergic to cute, if this doesn’t make you say “Aww”…

puppy onesie


3. For all the Django fans…

im on a horse


4. I want to hug him so bad!

huge dog


5. MLK day is coming up…

martin luffah king


6. Back to the- Awesome!

hover delorian


7. Ungrateful cat…

cat hate fruit bouquet


8. Trapped!

roller coaster traps woman


9. Oh does it?

coffee makes me poop


10. Magazine irony at it’s finest…

prevention magazine


11. Good morning to you too…

dog in glasses


12. A star is born…

sister dance mocked by brother


13. In commmmmming!

cat collide


14. My kind of dog…

pug beer


15. And now… People who’s faces never change in pictures…

girl same face


paula deen same face


paris hilton same face


kristen stewart same face