Morning Cup of Awesome (23 Pics)

Top of the mornin’ to you Leekers! Enjoy a hot cup of awesome on us.

post NO(thing but) Bills-1


cute dog eaten by shark pillow-1

cushioned seat NEXT to toilet in stall-1

cat snuggles with stuffed animal

mini owl on arm-1

hilarious bathroom wall writing-1


cat snuggles with smirnoff-1

no littering, but you can if you want

cat on bacon in space-1

dudes hair looks like a hairbrush-1

perfect timed pic with cat _ tv

finally internet explorer is needed-1

don't touch the butterflies

pissed off ambulance


sleeping puppy in a guitar case

bird questions laptop purchase

advantages to being color blind-1


defibrilator toaster-1

ice cube in training-1