Obama Offers $5 Million if Trump Releases Toupée

Obama Offers $5 Million if Trump Releases Toupée

President Obama finally dropped his bombshell, revealing the “big announcement” he’s been eluding to for days.

“I will personally give 5 million dollars to any charity if Donald Trump publicly releases his hair piece, once and for all,” Obama told media.

This is the President’s latest attempt to undermine the billionaire’s empire. Trump, who is often critical of Obama, said, “He’s the least transparent president in history…and by that I mean, he’s black.”

The president has become increasingly obsessed with rumors that the Apprentice star may be a “bald, impotent weasel.”

Even supporters of the president are distancing themselves from the stunt. “Asking the Donald to take time away from running a profitable real estate empire is insane,” said Bill Maher on his HBO political talk show.

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