Parenting FAILS: You Know You’re a Bad Parent When…

It’s been said that parents are the super-heros of the world. Well whoever said this has clearly never met these people. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the world’s greatest role models – for what NOT to do.

1. This is how you change a light bulb.

Air Matress-1

2. This was your safer alternative.

Babies on a Scooter-1

3.  Your baby would rather eat a live snake than the crap food you feed it.

Baby Eating Snake-1

4. Your baby knows how to nurse you back to normal.

Baby Feeding Dad Beer-1

5. This is how your baby comes down from a sugar rush.

Baby Smoking a Cigarette-1

6. When you treat your baby like a JanSport.

Baby Squished on Subway-1

7. This is the most fun you’ve had with your kid.

Baby Taped to Wall-1

8. You do this.

Bag over Head-1

9. She’s oh too familiar with the loving embrace of your ass.

Big Woman on a Bike-1

10. You like to live dangerously… through your baby.

Electric Fence Baby-1

11. When you give your eldest daughter nipple tassels for her birthday.

Family Photo Tassels

12. Your kid’s mullet isn’t the problem with this picture.

Father Feeds Kid Beer-1

13. You can’t tell your baby and a bag of chips apart.

Kid Jammed Under Food in Cart-1

14. This is your idea of a family pet.

Kid with Tiger-1

15. This is how your kids play house.

Kids on the Beach with Beers-1

16. This is part of his balanced diet.

Little Boy Chugs Beer

17. This is a normal trip to Costco.

Little Girl Dragged by Motor-Chair-1

18. This is a fun day at the game.

Mom Flashing in Front of Son-1

19. Texting is more important than first meeting your new born child.

Mom Prefers Texting to Own Child-1