Potential Robo-Cop Spinoff Suggestions

There’s a remake of Robo-Cop in the works, as well as numerous Robo-Cop sequels.  The whole “cop” aspect seems a little played out, so here are some new directions to take it.

1. Robo-Social Worker

robo social worker

About a robot who is really efficient at helping inner-city youth.

2. Robo-Comptroller

robo irs

Features a stainless-steel killing machine that will audit the shit out of any and all federal agencies.

3. Robo-Border Patrol

robo border patrol

Leave politics aside in this action-packed (super racist) thriller.

4. Robo-That One Friend who Keeps Applying to the Sheriff’s Department but Never Gets in.

robo cop keeps applying

A depressing coming of age story about a man who tries to become a police officer and fails, gets shot multiple times, gets turned into half-man half-robot, tries to become a police officer again and then fails again.

5. Robo-Cop who’s Getting too Old for this Shit

getting to old robo cop

Danny Glover is dubious about his career longevity.  And he’s also a fucking robot.