TATTOOS-day: 15 Permanent FAILs

TATTOOS-day: 15 Permanent FAILs

FAILs are a part of life.

FAILs stay in a person’s mind for a long time. There’s something about laughing at someone else’s FAILs that leaves a lasting effect on the human psyche. The more dire the circumstances, the funnier it is. This is no different. Seeing someone with a horrible tattoo oddly makes you feel better about yourself and your life decisions. Decisions like, “Thank God I didn’t get a tattoo like that idiot!” So, settle in and check out this hilarious list of regrettable tattoos, also known as, Permanent FAILs. Enjoy!

1. What an adorable little bundle of… WTF?!

Tattoo FAILS 1

“Yeah, I want my daughter on my chest. But could you make her look evil & deformed? Righteous!”

2. Like Father…


“Always got ‘Murica on my mind, boy!”

3. Like Son…

Tattoo 2

“I want people to look at me and know I’m innocent, Officer.”

4. By the look of his tats, he’s sad about being a p*ssy eater.

Tattoo 4

“I need something to replace my mustache AND express my admiration for cunnilingus.”

5. Now he can see people behind him…making fun of his terrible tat.

Tattoo 5

“I want to join all the people laughing at me behind my back! Seems hilarious.”

6. That’s one TALL mistake you got there.

Tattoo 6

“I want an animal that’s as high as I look…”

7. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but…

Tattoo 7

“I want something that says I’m crazy, but also super mean.”

8. One of the classiest armpit tats you’ll see.

Tattoo 8

“God gave me a pair. But I feel like I should get another. You know, for a rainy day.”

9. Is that a shark eating a baby?! I stand corrected.

Tattoo 9

“I’m a preschool teacher and I need something I can cover up when I’m at school.”

10. Hello, Kitty. My name is Pale McHatesmyself.

Tattoo 10

“Hurry and put SOMETHING on my head. There’s meth to be smoked!”

11. He should’ve double-checked this beforehand double-checked.

Tattoo 11

“What do you mean, ‘have I proofread it’?”

12. 1/2 Pac.

Tattoo 12

“I need a religious piece that I can really grow into.”

13. Bobby Hill : American Gangster.

Tattoo 13

“I sell thug life and thug life accessories. Got anything for me?”

14. The motto.

Tattoo 14

“I want people to know I get dating advice from a fictional fast food mascot.”

15. Nothing says, “ready for the job market” like a beaten Snooki…

Tattoo 15

“I want to be able to look at my body and see a beaten slut.”