Top 10 Reasons Obama Won According to FOX NEWS

Top 10 Reasons Obama Won According to FOX NEWS

FOX News was obviously upset with the outcome of the 2012 election. Here is a list of their excuses why Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama.

1. They let him win.
In a brilliant move, the Republicans let Obama win. Setting them up for a sweep in 2016 while Obama spends the next 4 years destroying the country

2. Illegal Immigrant vote
Laxed immigration policies, put in place by Obama, allowed illegal immigrants to vote

3. All Black people look alike.
They voted twice, if not 3 times. They would vote, put on a baseball cap and then vote again

4. Poor people’s vote shouldn’t count
Obama’s handouts encouraged poor people in America to vote for him. The poor do not pay taxes, therefore they shouldn’t be allowed to vote

5. Gay Marriage Caused Hurricane Sandy
Republicans were too busy blaming the hurricane on gay people to even think about campaigning

6. Biden Threatened People
Joe Biden hasn’t been campaigning. He’s been quietly threatening people’s families to vote democrat for the past six months

7. Voting ages are too low
Legislation should be put in place, making the voting age 45

8. Apple computers were used to count the votes
Pre-programmed liberal bias

9. Michelle Obama is gorgeous
She made voting Democrat too sexy

10. Roseanne Barr stole votes from Romney
Her fat ass should have stayed out of it.


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