US Women’s Olympic Gymnastic Team Cast in ‘The Hobbit’

US Women’s Olympic Gymnastic Team Cast in ‘The Hobbit’

The good news just keeps coming for the Gold Medal winning US Women’s gymnastic team, as yesterday Peter Jackson offered them all roles in his upcoming film, The Hobbit.

“We already had almost all of the movie cast,” said Jackson after watching the US team compete in the women’s all-around.the hobit poster

“But we were having a devil of a time casting the hobbit children. Keep in mind, hobbits are actually smaller than dwarves, so finding actors tiny enough to play their children was virtually impossible.”

Jackson is doubly thrilled because gymnasts not only have the freakishly large hands and feet of hobbits, but the US team also has no problem wearing heavy makeup.

But Jackson added that for his production the makeup will need to be more “Middle Earth,” and less “Corner of Santa Monica Boulevard.”

“I’m just grateful for this opportunity,” said gold medalist Gabrielle Douglas, who is the first African American woman to win gold in the women’s all-around, and the first African American period to appear in a Peter Jackson film.

“It’s one more little distraction before I spend the rest of my life playing Peter Pan.”

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