Who Needs a Girlfriend When You’ve Got French Fries? (27 Pics)

Who Needs a Girlfriend When You’ve Got French Fries? (27 Pics)

French fries are my one true love. Who needs a girlfriend when you’ve got french fries? 1.) They’re always there when you need them,  2.) They cost a lot less, and finally  3.) They don’t mind being covered in an embarrassing amount of cheese, gravy and sour cream.  

amazing disco fries

jalapeno curly fries

You sexy bitch.


seasoned curly fries

Disco Fries

She’s so beautiful. I want to kiss her… constantly.

gravy and fries

Just her and I in a jacuzzi of cheese and sex.


seasoned waffle fries

Yeah Boo, fork it good.

loaded baked potatoes waffle fries

steak fries seasoned

I liked ’em thin or thick…

garlic truffle sting fries

fresh cut fries

seasoned fries

Dip it baby. Dip it. The whole fry or just the tip.

baked potato fries

cheesey fries

cheese curd and sausage fries

See ovaries and all…

fried eggs on french fries

ultimate fries

Yeah… Get naughty girl.

cheese curd fries

beef roast and fries


If you haven’t started drooling yet… You need to contact a physician. I’m pretty sure you’re salivary glands are broken.

chili cheese fries

fries with cheese and sour cream

See… she never yells at you and always goes down easy.

steak fries

garlic butter fries

Get… in… my… mouth…

cheese fires

cheese and onion fries

If you have finished this list without dumping your girlfriend and instantly ordering a big steamy, cheesy pile of fries then you are a stronger man than I.